soto, leroy theoford

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ca License c 41632 issued october 22, 1984 (license renewed & current)

41700 jojoba hills cir

university of california san francisco, class of 1981


  • order following completion of probation
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    january 30, 2004
  • administrative discipline
    caseNumber: 10 1998090769
    description: probation completed.
    december 4, 2003
  • action by other state or fed
    jurisdiction: texas state board of medical examiners
    description: effective 03/28/2003, the texas board restricted dr. soto from the practice of medicine.
    march 28, 2003
    • Offenses
    • gross negligence, repeat negligent . acts, incompetence and dishonesty
    • excessive prescribing anni treating
    • inadequate and inaccurate records
    december 4, 2000
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